Discovering Shadi Hamid

This smirking gasbag is eager to accept Islam’s illiberalism, seek out “nuances” within the religion, and refuse to be judgmental about even its most appalling attributes. But he’s quick to savage Trump as a monster and bigot for acknowledging and standing up to that illiberalism.

Similarly, while he’s OK with Islamic governments enacting laws that reflect the state’s official religion convictions, he slams France for enacting laws that reflect its own official secular convictions. 

“I’m uncomfortable with ideological tests” for immigrants, he says. “It sets a dangerous precedent.” Well, as a gay man I’m uncomfortable with the idea of filling the West with people who want to throw gays off of buildings.

The “scholarly” love of “nuance” about Islam on the part of shifty apologists like this will be the death of us. For a gay person there’s no “nuance”: under sharia, we’re dead, period.